Supplying CNC precision engineered components to a number of industry sectors including aerospace, medical, security, technology, renewable energy and motorsports, to name but a few.

Medical precision engineering


We have provided CNC machining services for a wide range of medical component projects. Our team of engineers are well versed in producing basic and complex components to aid the medical equipment manufacturing sector. We have worked on components used in equipment such as radiotherapy machines, specialist surgical instruments and CPAP. Rest assured that with our in-house clean room and ultrasonic cleaning equipment, our machined parts will be free from coolant, debris and other contaminates.

Security precision engineering


We provide CNC machining services for a wide range of security engineering projects. Our team of experts are well versed in producing advanced and complex components to aid the security sector especially in CCTV. Tml has been manufacturing security camera components and ancillaries for over 12 years to a world leading supplier. We ship pallets of products worldwide every month boxed with all the necessary hardware and printed instruction booklets, ready to be fitted by the end user. Other security related products manufactured by Tml include components used in the manufacture of radar equipment for perimeter security. These components are accurately manufactured using simultaneous 5 axis machining ensuring perfect waveguide alignment when assembled.

Technology precision engineering


We provide CNC machining services for the vast technology sector. The parts that we manufacture for this sector are usually small, accurate and extremely intricate, however we are not limited to making small parts. Examples of some of the parts we have produced before include; semiconductor wafer manufacturing plant components such as high speed vacuum robot paddles, wafer polishing machine spindles and valve blocks capable of handling the most aggressive chemicals used in wafer processing.


We’ve been providing machining services for the aerospace industry since 2010 when we were first accredited AS9100 by BSi. We machine a large range of complex parts from electro mechanical landing gear components to turbine fans and shrouds. We also offer fast turnaround AOG machining services for aircraft repair and maintenance. Tml has a selection of carefully chosen and accredited subcontractors that we work with for surface treatments, coatings and NDT operations.

Motorsport precision engineering


We provide CNC machining services for a wide range of motorsport project requirements. Our team of experts are well versed in producing advanced and complex components to aid motorsport car manufacturers and teams at all Formula levels. We have been heavily involved in machining parts for motorsport for nearly 30 years. From drive shafts and hubs for historic Formula 1 cars. Billet machined disc bells for almost all Formulas going to 5 axis machined billet uprights for LMP1 cars. We have the capability and experience to ensure that your team has the best quality parts on time for race day.

Renewable energy precision engineering

Renewable Energy & Transportation

Tml engineers well versed in machining a range of precision engineered components used in the growing renewables market and environmentally friendly transportation projects. Examples of components we have machined before include; high pressure hydrogen gas valves used for controlling gas in hydrogen spark ignition internal combustion engines, complex 5 axis machined electric motor casings for off-road applications and ancillary parts used on electric public transportation projects.

Commercial electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

We have capacity to engineer components for commercial electric vehicles. The EV marketplace is vaste and growing as a substantial rate as we (globally) become more aware of our commitment to climate change and the impact of carbon emissions. 

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